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The Magic of Journaling Workshop

How to Journal for Your Self-Care and Creative Exploration

​​​​​​​This fun and free hour-long workshop will help you use simple journaling techniques to create personal transformation, nurture yourself, and make your life more magical (and manageable!)

Do you put off journaling because...

...You think you don't have time?

...Or you don't know what to write about?

...You have a fear of the blank page?

...Or you think you're not a "writer?"

Then you have to watch this inspiring, interactive session where Colette will walk you through visualization and writing exercises you will love, all while teaching you simple ways to make journaling a fun and easy part of your regular self-care.

Plus, you’ll get instant access to Colette's “5 Lists to Kickstart Your Journaling” BONUS download to help you start writing today!

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